About 2 years ago I took the WealthyMind™ course.  It’s had a dramatic effect on my business and life, so I am taking it again.  My business went from making $80,000. a year to $150,000. a year.  It’s almost doubled what I thought I was capable of doing.  All from dropping a belief that I wasn’t worthy and money was a bad thing.  Those beliefs seem so silly now.  James Bell

“I am experiencing a new level of energy, commitment and understanding of myself regarding money, money flow, and the cycles of change; as well as anchoring myself in my intentions. I intuitively feel there is much showering in my direction… now I am preparing myself for being centered in my success.” – Satya Keyes, Kula, HI

“Since the WealthyMind™, I have used the belief process with 3 clients already. And I have made the expectation process into a fun weekly ritual. Further, I have had several unexpected sources of income, and I have much richer perceptions about an early originated limiting belief and that’s good. I definitely think the course was worth the money!” – Todd Rice, Musician, New York, NY

“I have known the “Secret” for 30 years. I knew belief was the key to success. I visualized and affirmed and imagined my success and trim figure. I taught others to do the same. However, the new beliefs couldn’t be sustained. The WealthyMind™ Training taught me how to change beliefs at a subconscious level, “inner core beliefs.” NLP is the true Secret to change, and you are the best teachers of this miracle.” – Carol Rose, Life Coach

“After taking the WealthyMind™ I was able to figure out my limiting beliefs and take it one step further by getting a new empowering belief. NLP is about living consciously; so, by explaining what was controlling me and then being able to shed light on it was very powerful. NLP is all about empowering people and I think you do a great job at that. You cut the psycho babble and focuses on results. I think your classes are very diverse and allow a pragmatic tool kit.” – Steve

“Before I took the WealthyMind™ Seminar I knew that I need to work on my personal beliefs. After the class, I realize how much beliefs can really rule your life. If you’re unaware of your beliefs they be such a hindrance. So, it’s very helpful to have them pointed to you. Further, a few days after the class, I started doing the NLP Belief Change Processes with my friends and family. The format of the class was well done. You explain things in way that is easy to understand, and makes everything SO easy. I would recommend the WealthyMind™ to others because it really increases your awareness not just with money but with all matters of life.” – Jeff Sommers

“I expected the WealthyMind™ Program to be good and it was, but it was more than just that. The work I did while I was there has already produced tangible results for both myself and my clients, and it’s only been four days since my training. Wow, this is powerful stuff! Thanks!” – Rodney Blount, San Francisco Bay Area

‘”The WealthyMind™ program is a great class! It is well designed and organized, and includes very useful and interesting processes. I kicked out a formerly unconscious belief that women should earn less money than men. Gad. I couldn’t believe I believed that!” – Sally Chamberlaine, Psychotherapist , NLP Trainer and author, Boulder, Colorado

“I have taken the Wealthy Mind training…and I’m just blown away by the information that has come towards me. The processes that they have used has already changed my life…I’m already seeing the results. It’s fabulous…just fabulous.” Zaheen Nanji, Canada

“The Wealthy Mind Workshop was phenomenal!!!!!! Great changes are occurring in my whole life as a result of the belief changes I did in the workshop. All the best,” – Terri Dawn Marshall, Life Coach, Oakland California

“I want to thank you for the incredible life-changing tools I walked away with from the WealthyMind™ Program. I took home a phenomenal amount of information. You are both graced with a wonderful gift and a bountiful wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing this.” – Geri Brown, Portola Valley, California

“I am writing to let you know how valuable and enjoyable I found the WealthyMind™ Program. I have been struggling with some difficult and stubborn issues at work the past few months, and the way you presented the “Universal Cycles of Change” provided a powerful breakthrough for me. It was as if a fog lifted and I could see clearly where I had been stuck and what my next steps needed to be.
WOW! As I said, this felt like such an important shift that I could of left at the first break and felt like I had gotten my monies worth. And there was still a day and a half left! I would recommend the WealthyMind™ program to anyone who wanted a better quality of life. I can see why people come back again and again. Thank You. Warm Regards,” – Suzanne McKay, School Counselor, Carmichael, California

“I went to the WealthyMind™ program in Burlingame about 6 months ago, and then later went to another WealthyMind™ program in Sacramento. After the first program, I created a new belief about money, which is that money now comes easily to me. Ever since I created that new belief, I don’t have the stress of where money is going to come from. It is just always there when I need it!”
“During the second class, I added in a new belief to my first mindset, which is that money comes quickly and easily to me and even more abundantly. Since then, I have paid off half of the car I purchased 3 months ago, and I have just paid for my husband and I to go to photo reading classes. I have also done a couple of nice and costly things for myself. Thanks again for the awesome class.” – Patty Hernandez, Chicago Park, CA

“I wanted to send you both a quick note to say how much I enjoyed The WealthyMind™ program this weekend. When I saw the brochure I had a strong feeling that I should go, but I was not really sure why. I was having an inner conflict with spending money on a seminar about money!!!
However, I know now that it was the right thing to do and I can really feel a shift in my perception. From my original limiting belief of “I am worthless”, I moved to “I am important”. Then strangely enough this morning when I was brushing my teeth I suddenly heard the expression “I’m worth it” in my mind, which fits much better!! And it keeps repeating itself without me even trying!! I am going to go through the exercise again tonight with my new new belief! Thanks again for such a great programme. Best Wishes” Sally Bailey, London, England

“Thank you so much for creating and presenting such a powerful, enjoyable NLP workshop / program. My limiting belief of “Helping people is more important than money,” changed to “Money and honor come easily to me.” As you can probably imagine I am doing and saying things differently –more evidence is sure to follow. Thank you again for all that you do.” – Pamela Gates, Omaha, NE

I found the Wealthy Mind process useful because it helped me discover something stored in my subconscious mind that I wasn’t aware of.  Or how strong it still was.  I was able to go ahead and change my mind about it.  David Zet.

“The quality and the delivery of the WealthyMind™ are good! I have recommended The WealthyMind™ Seminar course to my friends and others who are interested in coaching and personal development. The WealthyMind™ is intensive enough to help you improve your wealth and I think it can help anybody.” – Elena, Life Coach